• Balkan Cuisine | Bronx, NY | Cakor Restaurant | 347-590-5524

    Are you tired of cooking?

    Take a break from your kitchen and come enjoy the same homemade taste you love at Cakor Restaurant.



Mediterranean Cuisine | Bronx, NY | Cakor Restaurant | 347-590-5524

Homemade food when you want it.

Open everyday from 8 AM to 4 AM for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and night entertainment, so you and your family can enjoy traditional homemade Balkan and Mediterranean cuisine any time you're craving it.

Balkan and Mediterranean dishes

Get dinner and a show.

Because live music from traditional singers is available every day until 4AM, any meal you and your friends enjoy at Cakor Restaurant will be both dinner AND a show.

Live Entertainment

Lamb | Bronx, NY | Cakor Restaurant | 347-590-5524

Food directly from the source.

From lamb and goat to eggs and honey, you can skip the trip to the grocery store and purchase fresh food right from the source at Cakor Restaurant's Farm Mujka Sujak.

Farm-Fresh Food

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